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Sports Massage 

Get Authentic Sports Massage, Active Release Stretching and More for Your Team


Sports Massage

Energizing Sports Massage for Optimal Performance

Our sports massage was developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recovery and functionality. At The Athlete’s Room, we emphasize on the prevention and healing of your injuries, from muscle strains to pulled tendons. We offer same-day appointments if available.

Bounce Back Faster After an Athletic Injury With Our Ultimate Sports Massage

When you’re suffering from a muscle strain or any other sports-related injury, come to The Athlete’s Room for the help you need to get up and going again.

Our services are not solely for athletes. They are helpful for people suffering from chronic pain and having a restricted range of motion. We alleviate the source of pain by releasing tension from the constricted areas. See what we can do for you. Contact us today!


A Variety of Sports Massage Services

• Trigger point

• Deep tissue

Active Release Stretching

Laser therapy/ infrared system coming summer 2019